Jacksonville Uncontested Divorce Attorneys: Less than 30 days

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Divorce is not only difficult to get started, but it is time-consuming and costly to complete. Spouses who are going through a divorce, but can mutually agree on the issues not only save themselves money and stress but are typically the most satisfied with the divorce process.
Our firm, Beller & Bustamante, created this site to assist our clients who are able to agree on the terms of their divorce the ability to afford our services at a substantially reduced price and complete their divorce in less than thirty (30) days after filing.
We provide you the tools necessary to discuss your divorce with your spouse. Once you retain, we reduced our consult times with you (i.e. cost to you) because you have reviewed our videos on this site so your remaining questions should be short and specific to your families’ needs.

Then, once you and your spouse have an agreement, we draft it to make sure it is legally correct, then we take you to Court to finalize your divorce. Most divorces can typically be completed in less than thirty (30) days.
If you file your divorce yourself, you are left with a Final Judgment that most likely won’t comply with the law and you have to wait approximately 180 days for the courts to schedule you for your final divorce hearing.
We want our clients who have already worked hard to agree with each other to get their divorce over with as quickly and with the least cost to their family as possible.

Please  watch the videos for either divorce with children or divorce without children, look at the points of discussion for you and your spouse, talk about an agreement that will work best for your family, then hire us through this website and we will finish your low cost divorce quickly and easily. You have the peace of mind of  having an attorney make sure everything is drafted properly so that your agreement is enforceable under the law.

If the two of you can talk about it, then we can do the rest at a low cost rate.

We look forward to representing you. Contact us to see how we can help represent you.