Jacksonville Uncontested Divorce With Children Attorneys

Please watch our online video consultation for Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage With Children. You can always choose to watch this video later.

Then, choose the county that you and your spouse last resided in.

When you divorce with children, you are required to complete a divorce course. It can be completed online if you and your spouse are in agreement to do so.

  • Duval:Must attend Hope Haven. You must have a case number prior to you signing up for the course.
  • Clay:Must attend Positive Divorce Resolution.
  • St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam:Must attend Positive Divorce Resolution. Children in St. Johns must attend Stepping Stones.

In what county did you last reside as Husband and Wife:

  • Clay, Duval:The Courts in these counties require a Court Appearance in which the spouse who filed for divorce appears and provides final testimony with one of our attorneys.
  • St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam:The Courts in these counties permit you to take testimony in our office before a court reporter. One of our attorneys will assist you in providing final testimony.

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